nature of the work

Did you know that about three out of ten designers are either self-employed, or do freelance work in addition to holding a salaried job in design? The latter is true for me. This website showcases a sampling from those decades of creative concepts and design work, something to open discussion about collaborating on your special projects.


Together we can analyze, plan and create visual solutions to communications problems, then decide the most effective way of getting a message across in print and electronic media—using a variety of methods, such as color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques.

I’ll help you develop the overall layouts and production designs for magazines, digital marketing, journals, and other publications, such as promotional displays, packaging, product marketing brochures, individual signs or complete signage systems, internet web pages, interactive media, and multimedia projects.

If you have problems with your current creative from time to time, I’d like to hear from you. Whether it’s to discuss some new designs, or just editing the old templates/systems you have in-house (and finding ways to save money), please don’t hesitate to ask for help. It’s what I do.


Howard Keith

In my younger days, absorbing the Ohio country farm-life, I aspired to become a fine artist—despite some doubts about the income and lifestyle. Those "realities" began shifting my passion toward design and all things creative in the business world. Working in Ohio, I soon found my way to The Ohio State University, and later The University of Akron, for more commercial art and design training. A number of key contacts—professors, senior designers, CEOs—encouraged me to stay in a field of creativity.

The work of fellow designers has left many positive impressions, giving me a base to find and create my own "impromptu" STYLE . . . or LOOK. This passion for new looks and different designs drives me to pursue the trends of both past and present. I analyze a project from many different perspectives, exploring facets such as the lighting and shapes being used. The design concepts tend to expand, or deepen, as I build from past experiences and utilize various tools in Adobe Creative Suite.

My style of design clearly presents:
bullet the visual hierarchy of information
bullet the "look and feel" based on business objectives
bullet a focus on the end-user experience
bullet a keen sense of detail and a fine-tuned visual design sensibility

I think of it this way: we love to make YOU look good. Finding ways to develop that special image or brand is what I do. The goal is always to build a design that’s unique at its first impression—with plenty of "WOW!" factor.

About 90% of my work is done with the use of design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I embrace the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment—frequent updates, short deadlines, multiple projects—and have fun!